MPEG-DASH Player - Video On Demand Streaming

Video On Demand Streaming


Note: MPEG-DASH is a "preview" feature in Wowza Media Server 3.6 so it's currently disabled by default in the example VOD configuration file installed by the Installation procedures provided to the right.
To enable use of this player, follow the MPEG-DASH configuration instructions.


This example contains source code for an MPEG-DASH player using the DASH-JS package from It will play MPEG-DASH single and adaptive bitrate VOD MP4 streams.


In the /examples/VideoOnDemandStreaming directory:


  1. Read the Tutorials listed below.
  2. Click the Connect button. The video will start playing.


Additional Resources

To play your own content

  1. Copy your video files to the Wowza [install-dir]\content directory.
  2. In the Stream field, change the mp4 file name to match one of your video files.
  3. Click the Connect button. Your video will start playing.