iOS & Max OS X - Video On Demand Streaming

Video On Demand Streaming

iOS and Mac OS X - Safari

HTML5 or HLS is not supported in this browser


To play on an iOS device

On an iOS device, enter the following URL in Safari:



This example demonstrates how to use Wowza on iOS and Mac OS X in Safari.


In the /examples/VideoOnDemandStreaming directory:

To view this example on iOS

  1. On an iOS device, enter the URL at the lower-left corner of this page into Safari.
  2. Copy this example to the documents directory on your web server, and then open this page in Safari on an iOS device.


  1. Read the Tutorials listed below.
  2. Click the Connect button. The video will start playing.


Additional Resources

To play your own content

  1. Copy your video files to the Wowza [install-dir]\content directory.
  2. In the Stream field, change the mp4 file name to match one of your video files.
  3. Click the Connect button. Your video will start playing.